Channel Your Inner Johnny Cash at Our Music Festival

Enjoy family fun and live country music in Portsmouth, NH

There's something special about hearing live, country music artists and sharing the experience with loved ones. Dancing the night away and belting the lyrics to soul-driven songs is timeless. Thanks to The Harbor Agency, you can enjoy this experience without leaving your town. Our event production agency showcases local music artists in Portsmouth, NH. Our music festival is held at Cisco Brewers during the summer months. Bring your family or kick it solo as you enjoy awesome music and tasty beers. We guarantee you'll have an amazing time.

    Why The Harbor Agency is making strides in Portsmouth, NH

    Our goal is to bring good entertainment to the community of Portsmouth, NH. Our event production agency is rooted in music, and we want to share this gift with you. As part of our mission, we promise to deliver:

    Country music artists local to Portsmouth, NH | Family-friendly entertainment that doesn't break the bank | Memorable events that are wholesome and fun

    We're excited to announce that coming soon, we'll have national acts at our music festival in Portsmouth, NH! Follow us on our social media accounts to stay in the loop.